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Checkout The High-Tech Mattress Created By Spanish Company That Detects Infidelity

Durmet, a Spanish company has created a brand new product (Smarttress) which keeps tabs on unfaithful partners is now easier than ever. This special, infidelity-detecting mattress is embedded with ultrasonic sensors that can capture even the slightest ‘suspicious movement’ in bed.
The company came up with the idea for the strange mattress when they came across a statistic showing that Spaniards are the most unfaithful people in Europe.

 The Lover Detection System is a clever name they’ve given to the 24 ultrasonic sensors incorporated into the mattress, which can sense when the mattress receives abnormally high amounts of pressure. The sensors transfer this information to a mobile app, and the dedicated software generate a 3D map that shows exactly which areas of the mattress are receiving more pressure, all in real time. If something fishy ever goes on in the conjugal bed while you’re away, the Smarttress will let you know.

Although originally intended exclusively for Spain, the company now believes that the mattress will be a hit in other countries as well.
I can only imagine what will happen if this mattress hits Nigeria...
Photos: Durmet
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