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Charlie Sheen: I Had S3x Without A Condom After HIV Diagnosis

After admitting he had just two unprotected sex before getting infected by the disease,Charlie Sheen has come under alot of doubt and now he will be heard ­admitting he had unprotected sex after being diagnosed with HIV.

A bombshell documentary is to ­broadcast secret tapes of a lover blasting the actor for not telling her he was infected.
The recording appears to contradict claims he made that he informed every sexual partner he had the virus.

Sheen’s admission will be heard in a special National Enquirer Investigates documentary which airs on Saturday.

The woman is heard asking: "Why did you tell me you were not infected?"

Sheen, 50, replies: "Because it’s none of your f** business… OK?"

She says: "But if I wanted to have sex without a condom… it's my right to know.” He answers: “You shouldn't want to.”

The recording comes as former lovers disputed Sheen’s claims he has only had unprotected sex twice in his life.

Some are considering bringing legal action against the Hollywood star accusing him of placing them at risk of HIV.

Under California law, wilfully exposing partners to the virus is punishable by up to eight years in jail.
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