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Fans Shows Concern As Rihanna Breaks Down In Tears Mid-Performance In Dublin (Photo)

The 28-year-old singer was performing at the Aviva Stadium in Dublin as part of her ANTI World Tour when she took the audience by surprise.

The pop star broke down in tears as she performed Love the Way You Lie, leading worried fans to take to social media to find out what happened.

Shaking her head and wiping her eyes, Rihanna launched unsteadily back into the track, however tears quickly started streaming down her face.

And the show of emotion didn't go unnoticed among her loyal fans.

"Why was Rihanna crying today at her concert?" one concerned fan asked on Twitter.

Another said: "I've never seen Rihanna cry. Why is she crying?"

Following the show, she took to social media to say she was so blessed to have the fans that she does - though didn't address why she was crying.

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