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Hoodlums In Maryland Destroy BRT Buses, After Hawker Gets Knocked Down By A KAI Driver

So many BRT buses were today destroyed after one of them knocked down a hawker trying to evade KAI officials. The hoodlums shortly after seeing what happened descended on BRT buses in sight and destroyed many of them.

Below is a narrative given to NAN by two of the BRT drivers.

One of the drivers said; “I was in traffic for about 20 minutes at Maryland. Then I saw some people running from Maryland and I opened the door to see what was happening. I heard shouts from people that we should come down, so, I immediately removed my uniform.

“I saw about 100 of the hoodlums otherwise called `area boys’ coming with stones and so I ran away. All the passengers on board my bus also came down and ran for dear life. I was hit by a big stone’’.

Another driver, Mr Michael Onabolu, said: “I saw people running and shouting that I should come down from the bus.

“And all of a sudden, I saw some guys surrounding the buses and asking my passengers and I to come down.

“Before I knew it, one of them hit the bus with a big stone and I could not move because of the traffic. I was wounded on my hands and my tights with stones’’.
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