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ISIS Militants Savagely Stone 4 Married Men To Death For 'Committing Adultery' (Photos)

Disheartening pictures which show four married men being stoned to death by ISIS after being accused of adultery have emerged.The images show blindfolded prisoners praying on the floor next to a pile of rocks before they are executed under the terror group's warped interpretation of sharia law, DailyMail reports.
They are surrounded by a huge crowd including children who have gathered for the chilling spectacle, believed to be somewhere near the Tigris river in Iraq.

A summary for the photographs, which were uploaded online, reads:
'Implementing the limit of fornication on four married men.'
In another image several militants are seen hurling them at the prisoner, although the victim is not seen in the shot.

As often is the case with stonings, the prisoners most likely suffered unbearable agony before their death after their skulls finally ended up being crushed.

Under Islamic sharia law, married men or women can be stoned to death for having sex outside wedlock, while those who are unmarried face being lashed.

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