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Kylie Wants Tyga's To Move Back In With Her, As She's Seen Rocking His Shirt

 Kylie and Tyga appear to be back together again after a brief split in May. Kylie was spotted wearing Tyga's animal print hoodie while grocery shopping in Los Angeles.
They are officially dating again and there seems to be no drama so far. The 18-year-old reality star has invited the rapper to move into her new $6 million Hidden Hills home, reports People on Monday.

'He still has money problems,' says the source of Tyga quoted in the publication.

'Her family isn't too upset about Kylie and Tyga being back together', the source told People, adding: 'They don't think it's permanent.'

A second source told them: 'They don't know what will happen but they care about each other and weren't ready to walk away'.

Tyga, 26, has reported tax debts, and landlord chasing him for back payments in rent.
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