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Married Couple Arrested After Mother Breast Fed Baby After They Snorted Cocaine Together

Som Lisaius, 42, and Krystin Sorich Lisaius, 26, were arraigned on three criminal felony charges each in Tucson after police said their daughter ingested cocaine through her mother's breast milk.

Krystin Lisaius, a former reporter at KGUN-TV two years ago, allegedly had taken the drug before breast-feeding the baby girl.

The couple's daughter became unresponsive and lethargic after breast-feeding on May 15, so they took her to Oro Valley Hospital.

The television personalities said the child was 'wabbly,' 'became limp' and that her 'eyes were rolling into the back of her head,' according to The Tucson Weekly.

The pair did not want to allow the hospital to draw the baby's blood, so they left against the hospital's recommendation, but agreed to have her transferred to another facility.

Officials transported the baby girl via ambulance to Diamond Children's Hospital, and once there, the couple was still uncooperative and refused a toxicology test for the child.

Eventually, a urinalysis and a toxicology screen that was conducted in the presence of hospital staff along with officials with child welfare.

The tests showed that the baby girl had cocaine in her system.

According to the Arizona Daily Star, one detective wrote in a report: 'It should be noted that at no time according to the report did either parent tell the hospital staff about the mother's cocaine use the night before and Krystin continued to breast feed while at the hospital.'

The 26-year-old mother first denied using cocaine and said she didn't know how the baby was exposed to it.

She then admitted to police that she snorted cocaine with her husband on May 14 while hosting friends in their Oro Valley home, according to a police report obtained by the Arizona Daily Star.

However, she didn't think that her daughter would be harmed if 12 hours had passed before breast-feeding the baby, the Tucson Weekly reported.

Police obtained a search warrant and found 1.59 grams of cocaine and a scale inside their home on May 16.

Further tests conducted on the baby's hair also tested positive for cocaine.

On Monday, the couple was arraigned on several charges, including child abuse, possession of a dangerous drug and drug paraphernalia. They both plead not guilty in court.
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