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This Is So Sad! Baby Dies After Tree Falls Over Grandma's House Where He Was Sleeping

A seven-month-old child died Friday in Georgia after a tree crushed the house he was sleeping in. The tragic event happened around 5:30pm, in the town of West Point, about 40 miles north of Columbus. The baby, identified as Kyren Davis, was resting on his grandmother's bed when a storm knocked a tree over the house.

'Strong wind came and knocked the tree down... When it fell on top of the house, everything fell on top of us and we fell to the floor,' said Katrina Slaughter, the baby's grandmother.

Kyren's twin brother, Kyle, a 1-year-old boy, and a 6-year-old girl were rescued through a window.

Police responded to the scene and found the infant dead.

'He was a sweet baby. He was a happy baby,' Slaughter said. 'We will never be able to bury the loss of my grandson,' she said.
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