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Nickelodeon Makes History By Featuring Its First Married Gay Couple In A Cartoon
Nickelodeon is making history by introducing a same-sex married couple in one of its cartoons for the first time.
The couple will appear in a July 20 episode of popular children’s show “The Loud House,” which is about a kid named Lincoln growing up as the only boy in a family with ten sisters.
In Wednesday’s episode, “Overnight Success,” Lincoln, invites his best friend, Clyde McBride, over for a sleepover, Buzzfeed reports.

When Clyde arrives, Lincoln announces, “Time to make history!” and then opens the door to his friend standing in the doorway with his two dads, who are doubly-as-diverse as an interracial couple, Howard and Harold McBride.

Lincoln greets the parents — voiced by Wayne Brady and Michael McDonald — by saying, “Hi, Mr. McBride! Hi, Mr. McBride!”
Twitter users were quick to welcome the McBrides:
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