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Again! Tyga 'Owes More Than $186k To Landlord After Trashing Rented Space'

Tyga has just gotten into a third lawsuit over unpaid debts ,as he reportedly owes a landlord more than $186k over issues with a rented space.
A few weeks after settling a $480k lawsuit over unpaid rents,the rapper  faced another lawsuit over more than $270,000 worth of jewellery he allegedly hadn't paid for .And now,he is in trouble again, this time with F&S Investment Properties.

According to TMZ, Tyga has been accused of leaving the space - which was rented for his Egypt Last Kings Clothing brand - in a bad way, while he allegedly poured ink down the drain amongst other things. It comes after jeweller Jason Arasheben has taken it further in a bid to collect the money after hiring the same legal team who got him to settle a $480,000 lawsuit earlier this month .
Attorney Danny Abir told PEOPLE magazine that they plan to "question his source of funds" as the rapper continues to give away gifts.
In the meantime, Mr. Stevenson gives away cars, jewellery and cash," he said. "We will question his source of funds – 'Where's the money, what are you spending it on, what are your assets, will you be able to pay up for all of this?'"If he says, 'Okay, let's get the client paid,' we do it quickly and, if not, we have to go through some of the same exact hoops as we did [with Rezai].
"We are trying to resolve this privately, without resorting to enforcement mechanisms. If that fails, we will utilise all tools available to enforce our client's rights."
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