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Desperate Couple Who Gave Up £250,000 Home To Fund IVF Finally Welcome Their Miracle Baby

A couple who gave up their £250,000 home to fund IVF after suffering six miscarriages have finally welcomed their miracle baby.
Jo and Adam Wiggins, both 33, from Braintree, Essex, lost six babies in four years before Max's arrival in June.
The couple were so desperate to fund another round of IVF treatment they rented out their home and moved back in with their parents to save up £10,000 for private IVF.
Jo, an administrator for the NHS, said: "We gave up everything to have our miracle baby and I wouldn't change anything we did because without that we wouldn't have Max.

"Going through the trauma of one miscarriage was hard enough but after suffering six we were completely heartbroken but I was determined to be a mother.

"After visiting a specialist I found out that I carried a high quantity of killer cells that were attacking my embryos causing the miscarriages, so I was placed on a mixture of drugs and we tried again.

"But we were then faced with another setback after I miscarried that time as tests also revealed Adam's sperm motility was low which meant we'd need to pay for IVF.

"We had already spent all of our savings on the miscarriage treatments so we were left with no other option but to rent out our home in order to save the money for IVF which cost £10,000.

"Thankfully it worked though and once we saw our baby at our 12 week scan we were overcome with emotion.

"After so much heartbreak we nearly gave up hope but I'm so glad we didn't, Max is our little miracle and we are so thrilled to finally be parents."
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