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For Being Stingy, See What This Man Did To His Sister

Chigozie Egegonye, 27, has been arrested by the Lagos State Police Command for allegedly planning the kidnap of his sister, Franca. Egegonye had told his childhood friend, Michael Oluchukwu, that despite the wealth of his sister, she was stingy.
This made Oluchukwu to send a text message to Franca, giving her an ultimatum of 12 hours to pay N300,000 or risk being kidnapped and killed. It was learnt that Franca called Oluchukwu and pleaded for her life, saying she could only afford N50,000.

Oluchukwu reportedly agreed and sent her his account details. However, it was learnt that Franca had yet to send the money when she and her four children went missing from their home on Mayowa Street, Ago-Palace Way, Okota, Lagos.
Her husband then petitioned the State Department of Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department, Yaba, after receiving a text message from his wife detailing the death threat she received, which prompted her to run away with the children.
The police used the account number and phone number of Oluchukwu to arrest the duo. A remorseful Egegonye later said:
“I blame myself for everything that happened. I am now repentant. I wasn’t praying at home before I came here. Now, I lead the devotion in the cell.”
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