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Kris Jenner Gets Brand New Rolls-Royce A Day After Crash

Just a day after a nasty car accident which left her a week-old Rolls-Royce wrecked, Kris Jenner has already replaced the luxury vehicle.

In a video obtained by the reality star's brand new car is seen being driven down the 101 freeway in Los Angeles on its way to the star's home in Calabasas.

Kris' original white Rolls-Royce Dawn was just one week old when she T-boned a Toyota Prius that reportedly ran a red light on Wednesday.

It seems that the TV star wasted no time in replacing the $250,000 vehicle with an identical one in white with a black convertible top.

The vehicle was presented beautifully in a silver and white trailer with windows to show off the sleek auto.
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