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SAD! Rapper T-Pain's Niece Fatally Stabbed To Death In Broad Daylight

The niece of rapper T-Pain, Javona Glover has been fatally stabbed. She was stabbed at a Walgreens drugstore in Florida on Tuesday morning, the star also confirms.

The 23-year-old mother of a two-year-old was reportedly still alive when Tallahasse police arrived on the scene at around 10:15am, where they found the victim bleeding heavily.

While she was transported to hospital, Javona later sadly died of her injuries.

Faheem Rashad Najm, better known by his stage name T-Pain, hails from Tallahassee and later took to Twitter to beg anyone to help find his niece's killer: "The police are still lookin for the coward ass 'n' that just killed my niece at Walgreens in Tallahassee. If you got info pls help us out! (sic)

He later shared a photo of his beloved niece on Instagram.
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