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Michelle Obama Passport Leaked Online By White House Hackers (Photo)

The First Lady’s details were released by DC Leaks among the personal emails of White House staff member Ian Mellul, who is believed to do advanced work for Hillary Clinton.

Detailed schedules of top US officials were also leaked in the latest dump of sensitive information by the hackers, who US intelligence officials believe are connected to the Russia government.

Michelle Obama’s passport has reportedly been leaked by hackers DC Leaks

In the past, DC Leaks has breached the security of Democratic party organisations and at least two state election systems.

Last week, the group published emails from former Secretary of State Colin Powell that seemed to show his distaste for both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

In response to the alleged security breach, the White House said: “We take any reports of a cyber breach seriously, particularly if it contains some sensitive information.

“Certainly, this is something we are taking a close look at it.”
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