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Rob Kardashian Vows His Daughter Will Never Become A Stripper like His Fiancee Blac Chyna

Rob Kardashian told fiancée Blac Chyna he never wants their daughter who is due on November 16 to be a stripper like she was.

The statement was made during a preview for Sunday's episode of their E! series, Rob & Chyna when the couple went back Sensationals, the Washington, DC, gentleman's club where the 28-year-old beauty's stripping career began.

The 29-year-old reality star said: 'If I ever catch my daughter up in here, boy.' He also told the future Mrs Kardashian: 'I don't ever want you going back here again.'

Chyna got a bit sentimental and brought Rob (along with friends and mother Tokyo Toni) to the club.

But the dad-to-be wasn't enjoying Chyna's trip down Memory Lane, making clear he felt it was a sleazy environment he was going to keep their child far away from.

But Chyna didn't flinch at her fiance's snobbery toward the sultry sirens of the stage.

'I'm proud of where I came from, and I just wanted to show Rob what I had to go through,' she said, 'and the environment that I had to be in to make me this person.'

Still, Chyna conceded that her past place of employment was 'totally ratchet,' and she wasn't sure how her sock mogul love was going to react to the debauchery.
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