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Sickening Moment Defenceless Dog Is Boiled Alive For Trade In China (Photos)

This is a painful moment people gathered round to watch as a dog is carried to the boiling cauldron by three men at a busy Chinese market.
The crowd can be seen laughing as the dog is lowered on a stick into the water.

The dog howls in terror and makes desperate attempts to escape.

It takes two men to hold down a lid until the animal is dead.

Animal rights campaigner Michele Brown said: “This animal died the worst death imaginable.

“You can see raw fear in the dog’s eyes as its carried towards the boiling water.

“As they drop the dog into the water it screams for help, skin burning and blistering. It flails around so much, two strong men have to hold on to the lid.

Many of the dogs slaughtered to be eaten are raised in cages and pens on industrial scale farms.

In China dog is a delicacy and unlike in the Western world tougher meat is considered tastier.

Because of this traders deliberately kill animals in the most painful way possible to fill their bodies with adrenaline.
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