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So Romantic! Rob Kardashian Agrees To Blac Chyna's Joke Of Being A Mama's Boy

His relationship with his family may have been a little bit rocky for a while, but seems mother Kris Jenner was always the lighthouse guiding him back to safety.

In a sneak peek of Sunday night's episode of her new reality show, Blac Chyna reveals just how much of a mama's boy beau Rob Kardashian is.

And looks like the 29-year-old not only admits to being one - he is not at all ashamed of it.

Rob shared the trailer on his Instagram, so is obviously alright with the title his fiancee and his friends have given him.

In the clip, Chyna and her friends quickly make Rob and his close relationship with mother Kris a topic of conversation, branding him a 'serious mama's boy'.

To a chorus of raucous laughter, one friend jokes: 'Rob the toilet's overflowing... [Pretending to be Rob] ''Let me call my mom.'' Rob are you hungry? ''I'm going to call my mom.''

'Rob what's your favourite cake? ''Well there's this cake that my mom used to make...'''

Explaining her views on Rob's relationship to his family in a piece to camera, the 28-year-old said her upbringing was very different.

The pregnant star explains: 'Rob has been babied by his mom and his sisters it is just a little different for me 'cos I wasn't raised like that.'
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