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Britain's Fattest Woman Gets Dumped By Her Boyfriend (Photos)

The woman who was Britain's fattest teenager has been dumped by her boyfriend. It is believed the reason for the split is because she was more interested in dieting than him. Georgia Davis, 24, from Aberdare in Wales, found love with fitness club cleaner Matthew Takel, 44, last year.Miss Davis, who is known as the Takeaway Princess in her neighbourhood and has been clinically obese since she was five, announced, last October, that she was 'in a relationship' with her second boyfriend and first partner in three years.

But now the couple have reportedly split up over her passion to lose weight.

A friend told The Sun: 'It was never a match made in heaven. She was five times his weight and he was almost twice her age.

'Maybe Matthew was a bit put-out she is more interested in slimming down than she was in him.

'Georgia is certainly not comfort eating to get over him. She is dieting well and her doctors and health visitors are very happy with her.'

Miss Davis posted on Facebook saying: 'Well that's another relationship over.

'I guess that's life. I'm going to concentrate on myself for a while.'
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