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Footage Shows Girl Begging Shop Keeper For A Drink Hours Before She Was Battered To Death By 'Wicked' Gran

This harrowing footage shows a seven-year-old girl hours before she was battered to death as her 'wicked' gran was jailed. Juanila Smikle brutally beat seven-year-old Shanay Walker and denied her from having food and water in the years leading up to her death.

The 55-year-old was previously sentenced for assaulting her own granddaughter but had the conviction overturned on appeal before being found guilty at a retrial last month.

Last year tragic CCTV footage was released showing the girl in her pyjamas begging a shopkeeper for something to drink just hours before she was found dead.

The footage shows Shanay running barefoot into a corner shop the night before her frail bruised body was discovered.
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Queens News

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