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Lagos Schoolboy Falls Ill In Kidnappers’ Den

One of the six persons abducted by militants from Lagos State Model College, Igbonla, in Eredo Local Council Development Area of Epe, last Thursday, has fallen ill at the captors den.

 Vanguard gathered that ,one of the kidnappers contacted a family member of the sick captive yesterday, informing her of the development. This is just as payment of ransom, which the kidnappers initially pegged at N5 million was reduced to N3.5 million for each of the captives, yesterday. 

 Kidnappers speak with victim’s family A relative of one of those held captive, who spoke on condition of anonymity to Vanguard, said:
 “My sister was contacted again yesterday. After much plea, they told her to go and get N3.5 million. “The strange caller promised to call again and inform her where she would drop the money. He also informed her that our relative was sick. At that stage, my sister could not speak any more. I collected the phone from her, but when he heard my voice, he cut the line. “The phone rang after three hours and my sister picked. The stranger warned her never to give the phone to anyone else. He told her that our relative’s temperature was high and that he was also shivering. ' 
“My sister begged in tears to speak with our relative and when she did, he (the relative) begged her to do all within their power to get him out of there. At a point, our relative burst into tears. He wanted to say something, but the phone was collected from him. “The strange caller, however, assured my sister that a nurse was about to administer the necessary medication on our relative. 
He also assured that none of them was maltreated, but stated that they will only incur their wrath if any of them tried to play smart.” ‘Family raises N750,000’ “At the moment, we have raised N750,000 which was contributed by relatives and friends. The strange caller also told my sister that they would call her to drop whatever she has at a designated place. But he insisted it must be up to their demand.”
 It was also gathered that distraught parents of the abducted persons would be meeting with the management of the school on the way forward, over the release of their loved ones.
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