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Missing You... (A Must Read)

 A very talented young man, who is a student of UNICAL and known for his very good write ups and poems, penned down something that i thought will be good to share on this blog. This is simply to encourage you guys to send in your write ups too! You can join his bbm (C001BE9D1) to enjoy more of his quotes but first, you have to read what he penned down below...

Ashes to ashes and dust to dust
Easy for these preacher but it's hard for us
Journey to forever after a fate for us all
So why the big fuss 
Cause now am hunted by your text and miss calls 
I wasn't hoping to make you mine  
But just so you eat at the table where i dine 
How come you die ?
Am i to be a man and not cry?

I wish this shit be like period, am missing you
Cause the hurt ain't here just for nine month
Your whole body got burnt
Do i light a candle?
Pass me a blunt
Time heals wounds but perfect picture ruined 
Now gotta erase us hand in hand growing old.


                                                                                                               ----- 'Missing Lynx'
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