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A Dance With The Dark Side (A Must Read) 
Guys! Missing Lynx has another piece for you this Sunday...i hope you enjoy it. Remember to join his bbm channel (C001BE9D1) to enjoy more of his trilling poems and write ups. Find his write up after the cut....

The galactic clock ticks, the end draws near and darkness looms as we approach the darkness hours, demons fly free and to do their bidding choose me.

An invitation to dance with the dark side. Exquisite and exotic makes my knees weak and heart sink to my belly where butterflies are already in midflight.

But to tango with chains on my ankles now duty burdens heavy, neck deep and subservient l was lost in my soul and dimmed my shine so my body roamed believing the masquerades.

The tribe of the white mirror had the capacity to explore this infinite universe through the boundlessness of consciousness to meditate on the mystery which integrates our inner and outer worlds.

So polish I did my inner mirror in order to see through surface appearance and perceive the deeper underlying truth that a dance with the dark side will always come around to bite me on my backside.

↝↝↝↝ Missing Lynx
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