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Chess Champion Falls To His Death After Attempting To Jump Between Balconies (Photos)

A young chess grandmaster fell to his death in an apparent parkour accident, after he attempted to jump between balconies in Moscow. According to Russian news reports, 20-year-old Yuri Eliseev died late on Saturday night after falling from the 12th floor of his apartment building in Moscow.

Eliseev was the world under-16 chess champion in 2012 and was given grandmaster status at age 17.

The reports said Eliseev died while trying to reach the balcony of a neighbouring apartment.

He was described as a practitioner of parkour, or free-running, which involves climbing, jumping to difficult perches and acrobatic moves.

Close friend and fellow chess player Daniil Dubov wrote on his Facebook page: 'That night was tragically killed a close friend, a brilliant chess player and an analyst, one of the most talented people I know.'
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