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Lady Recounts Near Death Experience With Ritualists In Akure

This was me yesterday morning, hale and hearty, full of life before I stepped out to work not knowing of the danger that lies ahead......😢 as I closed from work, took a bike to a supermarket called NAO along cathedral Akure, after picking few stuffs i needed, I crossed to the other side to board a taxi to my estate called Ijapo here in Akure, then I waved this taxi and the driver stopped.,

I moved closer and told him ijapo then he asked me to get in, inside the car I met two already seated at the back, then one at the front seats with the driver making 4, we became 5 plus me but after a few second of driving a guy from the back alighted, leaving two of us at the back sit, then the guy with me at the back sit told the driver to pack that he wants to drop too. Continue...

And the driver asked, bro! Are you the owner of the Ghana must go filled with dollars at the booth, the guy replied yes and the driver said il drive you to our chairman at the garage, you want to put me in trouble abi? You entered my taxi with such big amount of money without telling me, Immediately I told the driver what right has he got to open a passengers bag, b4 I finished this statement the guy who claimed to own the bag started crying, begging the driver not to expose him , that he works with one Alhaji at Lagos who sells gold and change dollars then Alhaji just died and everyone absconded with what they like, that inside the bag he had 1.5m dollars.

Immediately my guardian angel appear and instructed me to look at the side mirror of both front seat I did, behold the first guy had scar all over his face and the driver's eyeball covered in blood but already healing.

Immediately I shouted with my whole strength "Drop me now!!! he said Aunty you need to follow us, today is our lucky day, this guy will settle us. Again I yelled "I say Drop me now!!!! Then he parked drop me off on motion around oja market and zoomed off. God saved me! Then people gathered round me and started sharing thier experiences, a woman told me that normally they have jazzed me but it wasn't effective on me that, as I entered the taxi I am suppose to agree with them the next thing il find myself in a bush! After Rapping me turn

By turn, they will take my naked pic, give me other concoction to swallow, dispose me off my valuables, drive me at night to an ATM, where il withdraw all my money for them, and if I am from a rich family they will set me free but they'll be calling me to bring them huge amount of money or threaten to release the pics to social media , and if i am not from a rich family, that's how they'll sell to the ritualistic , or do the cutting themselves.

I was in shock, crying and weeping profusely as I thank my father In Heaven for not making my years of suffer go down just like that. If you're within Akure please becareful, they are roaming the streets freely, I wonder what the force men are doing about this, if you go out and see 20taxis, I assure you 6 to 7 of them are set of this guyz! Fellow corpers becareful, everyone at Akure open your eyes and don't let love of money make you fall victim, I heard lots of people are missing , some are found with their hair scrapped , while some are dead with many parts missing.

Shine your eyes well, am yet to recover from the shock, glory to God, to my guardian Angel and to my mother who pray ceaselessly day and night for me. We shall not mourn ourselves in the remaining of the year and the years a ahead.🙏🏻
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