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Over 32,000 People With The Same Surname Gather For Special Banquet In China (Photos)

Over 32,000 people sharing a common surname gathered for an ancestor worship event in southern China this week. Thousands of tables were set up to cater to the attendees at the Xiasha Culture Square of Shenzhen city.
The spectacular event, held on November 13, was hosted by a family association, whose members are all surnamed 'Huang', a common Chinese family name.

The event has been held annually since 1980 and is historically significant.

The crowds gathered to watch cultural performance while enjoying a traditional Cantonese meal named 'big bowl feast'.

To satisfy the huge amount of attendants, a total of 3,200 tables were set up to seat the members. Meals were served in large basins made of wood, porcelain or metal.
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