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WWE Wrestler Big Van Vader Announces On Twitter He Is Dying Of Congestive Heart Failure And Has 2 Years To Live

Wrestling star Big Van Vader has announced in a tweet that he has less than two years to live. Vader, real name Leon White, is a star of World Wrestling Entertainment or WWE.

On Tuesday, he took to Twitter to share the sad news with fans after talking with his doctors. The wrestler said two physicians told him that he has congestive heart failure, according to the tweet. Doctors told Vader his years of fighting have led to the heart disease.

'Told by 2.heart Drs at this time that my heart is wore out from footbal&wrestling I have 2 yrs to live , conjestive hesrt failure reality,' he tweeted.

He added: 'I am only now allowing this as part of my reality.'
Fans sent their condolences and support to Vader on Twitter and many appeared devastated by the news.
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