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As Divorce Battle Heats UpTiny Wants Half Of Everything T.I Owns

Tiny reveals she wants half of everything rapper T.I owns. The couple who started dating in 2001 have been married for 6 years before she filed for divorce last month.

She also revealed that the couple has amassed a portfolio of properties and wealth, and wants TI to make a full accounting of their money and investment accounts because she said she is entitled to half.

Bossip reports, the mom said she believes TI has a bunch of money in a retirement account and wants that split down the middle too. She said they also acquired a number of cars during their relationship, and she wants half of those as well.

She also acknowledged that the couple is in debt – likely the millions they owe to the IRS – and said that because of TI’s high earning ability, he should be responsible for paying it off.

Tiny said in the event that she and her rapper ex cannot agree on issues like child support, visitation and health insurance, that a judge should step in and decide. She said if TI tries to fight her for full custody, she wants a guardian and mental health expert to conduct an at-home study to see who would better parent the children, as well as mental health evaluations for both her and TI.

The pair were married for six and a half years and have three kids, King, 12, Major, 8 and Heiress, nine months. Tiny also has an older daughter, budding singer Zonnique, from a previous relationship.
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