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Man Posing For 'Gangster' Selfies With Shotgun Accidentally Murders His Friend

A man who accidentally shot his friend dead while posing for 'gangster' selfies with a sawn-off shotgun has been jailed.

Albert Rapovski, 20, was high on the party drug GHB and hadn't slept for four days when he blasted pal Mohammed Hassan in the head from close range.

The pair were posing for pictures and videos with the deadly weapon at a motel in Melbourne, Australia, when it suddenly went off.

Emergency services responded but Hassan, 23, died at the scene,UK Mirror reports

 A court heard Rapovski fled and later tried to leave the country for Macedonia but was caught at the airport.

He was initially charged with murder but prosecutors later accepted a guilty plea to manslaughter.

Jailing him for eight years the judge said: "Guns, drugs and stupidity did not mix".
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Queens News

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