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Teenager Turns Cannibal After Watching Crime Shows On TV, Eats 9 Year Old

A teenager turned into a cannibal after watching series of crime shows on TV, police have claimed. 
Vikesh Kumar, 16, is said to have confessed to murdering a nine-year-old boy, eating parts of his thigh and drinking his blood.

Cops said Kumar, who likes scoffing raw meat, also removed his heart and slung it by his school - because he hated going there and thought it would have to be closed when the organ was found.

Kumar reportedly lured relative Deepu, who had the same surname, to his home over a string for a kite.

He strangled him before cutting his body into six pieces, washing them and stuffing them into a sack, said officers.

He then allegedly dumped the bag and its gruesome contents 50 yards from the Deepu’s home.

Petty criminal Kumar was inspired by TV programmes, said police who arrested him in Ludhiana, India, on Friday
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