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The Essence Of Life From The Creator

Missing Lynx has made our Sunday exciting with yet another amazing write up. We are immersely greatful for the effort you make in entertaining us. Remember people, Keep joining his BBM channel (C001BE9D1 and you won't have any regrets.
Read the chilling piece from Missing lynx below...

I believe in a creator cause it only makes sense that creations and
creatures should have a creator and since so be the case I call him God, 
not only because am one of his but because he Governs the galactic army Oversees it's operations and Direct it's affairs.

Even logic supports my claim, already I can hear critics say it's cause u believe the bible.

Atleast have got bases for mine, what's yours. I ain't here to argue and
find faults but truth is a parcel sitting and waiting only if u open minded
enough to open it.

Might hurt, the pain is yours own it, let go the lie, disown it. There in lies the true essence of life.
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Queens News

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