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Meet The Couple With Down's Syndrome Who Are Celebrating 22 Years Of Marriage (Photos)

A couple with Down's Syndrome have been making rounds online after photos of them celebrating 22 years of a happy marriage emerged on the internet.

Maryanne and Tommy Pilling, believed to be the first Down's syndrome couple to ever tie the knot, got married in 1995. But were heavily criticised by people who believed those living with Down's Syndrome and learning difficulties can't get married.

According to DailyMail, Maryanne's sister, Lindi Newman, who opened a Facebook page that follows the couple's romance, said the pair had dated for around 18 months before Tommy popped the question and the couple went on to marry at St Mary's Church in Shoeburyness, Essex, in July 1995.

Lindi said:

'The day Maryanne met Tommy she came home with the biggest smile on her face. She couldn't stop talking about him and asked if he could come for dinner.
They dated for about 18 months and then he approached my mum, Linda, to ask if he could propose. He had a toy ring from a vending machine. 

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