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Nabbed Cleaner Steals His Boss $2600 Gives N35k To His Wife And Kids, $1000 To His Girlfriend

The brutalized man sitting, simply identified as James, is a house cleaner who stole $2,600 from his employers. Fortunately, they were able to recover $1,300 from him.

Apparently he searched the bookshelves in the house while cleaning and took all the foreign currency he came across. He picked it all at once and forgot to arrange the books properly, coming back to the same house later on with courage. During the interrogation, he refused to give up the identity of his girlfriend and was badly beaten.

The Nigerian cleaner was paraded before journalists yesterday and according to Chukwudi Iwuchukwu, an online user,  this is a break down of how he allegedly shared his loot.

He sent ₦5000 home to his mother in Aba.

His brother, ₦7000.

His wife, ₦35000.

His friend the washer man, $600.

His girlfriend, $1000.

Queens News

Queens News

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