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Lost One

Read yet another chilling piece from Missing Lynx below...

To the long lost one I hope I find you someday. 

The one who's bosom I long to embrace, of who's passion I desired but never tested. 

Of her birth suit I obsessed about paying little attention to the far greater insight she held within. 

A peep into her soul I yearn for now cause greater insights I have now than then, in my memories she will remain incase I never see her again because she saw it in me even when it was covered in mud.

When I found you, you said uve lost it to some guy less worth it.

Of wat difference was that to me? By now I was more open to you and I wanted same, but you kept judging me by my past of which all of those I was but never again. 

My actions you misunderstood, I saw through it all that you were lost and in search for meaning, looking for true intentions in a world full of masquerade.

But am scared that you don't become a monster and loose your heart while fighting monsters.
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Queens News

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