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Meet 11 Year Old Girl Who Cries 'Tears of Crystals' In India

Residents of Pachkhura village in Madhya Pradesh, India, are in shock after an 11-year-old girl from the area started weeping cotton.

The girl identified as Manasi, allegedly started ejecting tiny whitle pepples that resemble cotton about two weeks ago and have been oozing 35 to 40 drops of the bizarre tears every day. The locals believe she is possessed by a ghost. “They have been avoiding the young girl”

Her superstitious family members also fear the condition could be a divine wrath,” reports Nayi Duniya, a local newspaper.

The girl’s father, Gendlal Kevat , has reportedly invited a local medicine man to examine Manasi’s disturbing tears. But after looking into it, the village doctor only recommended that the sixth-grader be taken to a professional eye specialist.

Kevat proceeded to consult a number of ophthalmologists as he embarked on quest for answers and solution to her daughter’s tearful condition. “It could be an allergic reaction that sometimes manifest itself as white discharge,” Dr Navneet Saxena, Dean and ophthalmologist of Medical College in Jabalpur, told the father after examining the girl.

Another specialist, Dr Pawn Setak, said the girl’s condition could have been as a result of deficiency of Vitamin D, adding that such discharges also manifest in malnourished children.
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